I have joined a group, but I can’t see it in the app anymore. How can I join again?

You most likely joined the group with a different account. After entering your chosen name, a recovery code was displayed, which uniquely identifies your account and can be used to log into your account, after changing a device or uninstalling the app.

To enter the code, you either have to uninstall the app or logout via the settings; and then in the screen where you are asked to enter your name, click on ”Recover account” instead.

I have lost my recovery code. Can I still get my account back?

It’s possible that I can find your recovery, if you send me the following information:

  • the name of the corresponding person in the app
  • the group code or the link that was used to invite other people to the group

Please send these information via the contact form or per email to [email protected]. Please be patient, if I can’t respond quickly, as there might be lots of requests like that or I am just currently not available.

How can I delete my account?

If you are logged in, you can click on the settings button in the top left and select Delete user. In the web app, the button can be found by clicking in the top left on the profile button.

Confirming the deletion will immediately and permanently delete the account and will:

  • remove it from any groups it is a member of
  • remove the association with all messages sent to all groups
  • delete the profile photo, if present

A potential participant doesn’t own a smartphone; can he still somehow participate in the secret santa event?

The app supports multiple active users at once. Just click on the “Profile” button on the top right and then select “Add User”. Create a new profile for the person and join the secret santa group. You can change between the logged in users via the “Profile” button.

Alternatively the Secret Santas Helper web app can be used : Secret Santas Helper Web

Can I prevent certain pairings?

Yes, the group admin can specify for every participant, who they can be a gift giver for. To edit that, click on the member button in the group screen and select Pairing Restrictions. Optionally the group admin can enable it, that every group member can also edit their own pairing restrictions.

I have created a wishlist but the secret santa partner assigned to me can’t see it.

Wishlists have to be assigned to a group to be visible to your assigned partner in a group. To assign it, open the group, click on the Wishlist-Button below, click on ”Wishlist” and then select the desired wishlist.

Are wishlist visible to everyone?

Wishlist are only visible in the groups they are assigned to. Who in the group is able to see it, depends on what the group admin configured: either only the assigned partner can see it or everyone in the group.

Can I re-use my group for another secret santa event?

A group can be “duplicated” by the group admin by clicking on the edit button at the bottom of the group screen and selecting Duplicate. You can then select a new name and date for the new group. The new group is the same as the old one, except that the pairings have been reset.